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I first learned to meditate in my early 20s in Sydney, Australia. I attended a course called Self Transformation and in my very first session the release (and relief!) was incredibly profound.  I have meditated on a regular basis since then and in the lessons I give I always strive to guide others to feel and obtain the amazing benefits of what is essentially sitting down, becoming present and breathing consciously.


There are two main reasons why you might want to meditate. The first has a physical basis - to alleviate stress, to bring the physical body back into harmony.


The second has a spiritual basis - to quiet the busy mind and to allow connection to the Source where the body becomes the portal to Oneness. Both are as valid as the other.



Physical Benefits include:

Stress less

 Improved sleep

 Improve your focus

 Help reduce pain and assist healing

 Aid your immune system to function optimally




I offer one on one and group sessions in my home or at yours. From time to time I organise a day-long experience combining meditation and a selection of the practices I've learned over my spiritual journey.

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