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Community Coaching Session

Live group coaching sessions

  • Online Group Session

Service Description

One live Zoom session each month where I'll assist a number of members each call. Let's share our journey and lessons to transform our lives together! (I hope to add more sessions in the future). The group sessions usually focus on one or two volunteers per Zoom call, but the lessons are always relevant and beneficial to everyone. As in the one on one sessions, we will explore your patterns of beliefs, look at what's happening for you now and create a change path to support a happier more content you. If you have specific issues or questions, this is a great opportunity to ask Jo directly and to experience channeled light language frequencies and coding that will assist with the healing and transformation. Jo will also take participants through guided meditations, processes and exercises. ZOOM CALLS WILL CURRENTLY BE HELD ON SUNDAY (BRISBANE AUST TIMEZONE) WHICH IS SATURDAY (UK AND USA TIMEZONE)

Upcoming Sessions

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