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Spirit Mind Body Coach

Light Language Channel
Healing Facilitator

Quantum Healing / Coaching

Where am I going in my life?

Why can't I create what I want?

Why am I stuck?

How can I find my life's purpose?



If you have asked any of these questions, I have the answers for you.

We all have goals and aims in life.


We all want to live a fulfilling life where we thrive - to live according to our life's purpose.


But sometimes no matter how hard we try nothing seems to change.


We feel we are blocked or happiness and success are not for us!​

Who am I?

I am Light Language Channel, Healer and Intuitive and have developed a unique healing modality that combines my skills and many years of experience.

At the age of 27, I came to the end of wanting live on this planet. I suddenly understood the stresses and pressures of our modern world: crime levels, ecological disasters, inequity amongst the peoples of this planet….

I didn’t know how to continue. I couldn’t see a way forward. But that was not the end for me… In a moment of radical trust, I surrendered to something greater within me and soon after I began a 35-year journey to make sense of our world and our place in it as people.

I have created a healing modality that will:

  • Help you identify and release long held patterns and beliefs that are embedded in the physical, emotional and mental bodies.

  • Assist you to understand why your life has unfolded the way that is has.

  • Help you make lasting changes in your life - to take a quantum leap.

So that you can...

  • Understand and heal the blocks that are holding you back from living the life that you dream of.

  • Feel more powerful and creative in your life.

  • Heal any conflict within yourself.

  • Find a way forward.


Who am I to claim that I can help you?

For the first 18 years of my journey of inner understanding, I attended a Gnostic School or western mystery school in the USA where topics were as diverse as the science of energetic healing, quantum mechanics, brain chemistry and physiology, the emotional body, and the nature of reality. From this school came the ground-breaking Indie movie, “What the Bleep”.

Concurrent to attending this school, I added to my knowledge base by exploring NLP, EFT and rebirthing. I loved reading books by Jane Roberts, Eckhart Tolle, and Carolyn Myss - to name just a few.

12 years ago I began my own healing practice to pass on my insights to others to assist them in their journey. And just over three years ago I began to channel firstly a planetary consciousness of the Sophia family - the over-lighting presence of Gaia - and then Light Language, and have incorporated this into my healing work.

I am also a

Certified Life Coach

and Trainer and Assessor

But at heart, I am a student of life, fascinated by all aspects of what it is to be human. I feel it is my purpose to share what I .have learned over this amazing, and yes, at times, intense journey called life

To put it simply...... at the foundation of my modality you learn that we need to understand that we are operating on two levels - one from the perspective of the educated, aware adult and the other from the inner child that was programed to look at the world according to what we saw, felt and heard in the first seven or so years of our lives. That seven year old is frozen in time and constitutes the foundation of your personality.


​More importantly, another name for the seven year old is Your Unfinished Business from previous lifetimes - the issues that keep bringing you back lifetime after lifetime.


​It is important to realise the influence of that seven year old and its take on this world.


This is in essence why you don't create what you want with ease - because the seven year old and the adult are often at odds with each other and thus the energy you are emitting, and the power of intent, are not in unison. You will be in an uphill battle until you clearly identify these opposing viewpoints.


​My technique reveals you to yourself to begin the harmonisation within and the Light Language brought forth helps release the energy at the core of the issue and

to recode your DNA.

So jump on in and take that first step


to emotional freedom and


moving into the life you deserve!

A note on light language:

The light language comes through according to your needs in the moment and it is not necessary to understand it - in fact it's probably beneficial that you don't! Light language circumvents the personality's need to maintain the status quo. People that are drawn to have a session with me are ready to strike out in a new, unknown direction in their lives and the 'unknown' is very uncomfortable to the personality (which has at it's core the inner child's wounds and perceptions of reality).


For some people the words I speak in English in a sense bounce off their energy fields. Our brain is constantly assessing whether what we are experiencing is supportive of maintaining that status quo and won't allow the energy at the core of that new thought into the energy fields of the body. This is how we normally incorporate new knowledge into our reality - by integrating the energy of the concept into our frequency signature so that the world begins to bring experiences to us that reflect that new concept. And thus it becomes wisdom.

It's important to realise that we have lived our whole lives with a certain perspective of ourselves and our place in the world, so if you'd like a little extra help and encouragement in navigating this 'new thought',  I provide a package of three sessions - each building upon the knowledge and experience of the last.  Every session is recorded and I encourage you to listen back to the sessions, and the exercises within, in order to further solidify the concepts and new awarenes.