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The  Bottom line


• We are spiritual beings on a journey of exploration.


• We have lived and will live many lives and explore many realities and forms of existence and one of those forms is as a human.


• Our directive or role in each of these realities, including human, is to live each experience to the full. There is much more to being human than most of us can imagine. It involves experiencing all this world has to offer, and in doing so, opening to the possibility and reality of an advancing consciousness.


• Our current manifestation is a tricky one, as being human involves the radical step of exploring an existence of forgetting our true origins along with our connection to Source - that we are in fact a fractal of Source. It also involves us forgetting that this journey and its format is completely of our own design.


• Being human has involved getting lost in the physicality of the experience – the emotions generated by the chemicals of the body; getting lost in the external environment we have created – all the while forgetting that we are in truth a Traveller (to borrow a term from Star Trek Next Generation); a being who has, and is, experiencing a myriad of incarnations and forms in its journey through existence.


• The steps to living as an evolving human:


• Observe what is in your reality from the perspective of a scientist or an interested onlooker.


• Know thyself, i.e. observe how, and contemplate why, you are the way you are and react the way you do. Particularly look at your childhood programming.


• Be aware of your environment and the people that populate that environment.


• Accept that being here was your choice as are the circumstances of the life you lead – these are the lessons you and your soul have chosen to deal with and resolve this life. As best you can, find the space within yourself to accept, and let go of any resistance to ‘what is’ (what you resist persists….)


• Understand that you are continually creating the circumstances of your life with your thoughts and attitudes, and emotional responses.


• Be okay with who you are and how you deal (or not deal, as the case may be) with who you are. Accept yourself both the ‘good’ and ‘bad’ aspects.


• Choose and decide to be different (even if you’re not sure how to ‘be different’). Sincerity and your true intent count for a lot.


• Look beyond the physical to find your connection to Source. After a period of exploration and analysis whereby you have an understanding of what makes you tick and what comprises your physical and emotional aspects, go beyond it at times into the spiritual component of the human experience, into the Now, the Presence, the No Mind, the I Am the I Am. This will assist reality to start being formed from the level of spirit and not from the reactionary human state.

  • Understand the nature of reality

  • Identify patterns of belief

  • Create lasting change in all areas of your life...


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