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I am a Light Language Channel, Healer and Intuitive and have developed a unique healing modality that combines my skills and many years of experience.

My spiritual journey on this earth first emerged in 1980 when, at the age of 17, I asked the universe why was I the way I was, what was the point of my existence – who was I and who could I be?

I didn’t dive into those questions fully until 1989 when I was ready and the teacher appeared. For the next 18 years I attended a western mystery school in the USA where topics were as diverse as the science of energetic healing, quantum mechanics, brain chemistry and physiology, the emotional body, and the nature of reality. From this school came the ground-breaking Indie movie, “What the Bleep”.


After many years of anchoring and experiencing this foundational knowledge, I began to channel, firstly a planetary consciousness of the Sophia family - the over-lighting presence of Gaia - and then Light Language, and have incorporated these into my healing practice.

Light Language is a multidimensional language of sound that is understood on a soul level. It can originate from within the soul, deep within the earth from the guardians of the earth, or from the star nations. It adjusts to the resonance of each person’s vibrational needs in the moment; initiating clearing and balancing, and activating and aligning the body with a new vibration of clarity. Light Language speaks directly to the soul and  DNA, activating and recoding your personal vibrational signature and assisting to clear karma.

To put it simply, at the foundation of my modality you learn that we need to understand that we are operating on two levels - one from the perspective of the educated, aware adult and the other from the inner child that was programed to look at the world according to what we saw, felt and heard in the first seven or so years of our lives. That seven year old is frozen in time and constitutes the foundation of your personality.

It is important to realise the influence of that seven year old and its take on this world.


This is in essence why you don't create what you want with ease - because the seven year old (and its programming) and the adult are often at odds with each other and thus the energy you are emitting, and the power of intent, are not in unison.


You will be in somewhat of an uphill battle until you clearly identify these opposing viewpoints.

My technique reveals you to yourself to begin the harmonisation within and the Light Language brought forth helps release the energy at the core of the issue and to recode your DNA. The process of understanding and harmonisation then allows allows the true nature of the inner child to emerge.


More importantly, another name for the programming that the seven year old goes through is Your Unfinished Business from previous lifetimes – the issues that keep bringing you back lifetime after lifetime.


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