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Inner Child Workshop -

Identify the auto-pilot program

and disengage it

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In these workshops, we will explore the 'auto-pilot' program that most humans live by. (For example, 'why do we marry the same type of person, over and over?)  And because these programs were instilled during our early life we will also have a look at what is termed  'the inner child'.

More likely than not, as adults we are living within a 'rut' of perception, a well-worn path,  not realizing that we are filtering our life and our experiences through the perceptions adopted during of those early years..


We are conditioned to respond to things within our lives from that early perspective. And from my experience this is the reason why we have difficulty creating change or creating what we desire in our lives.

And because that rut is so well worn it is all too easy to fall back into it and continue on as usual. This Workshop series will give attendees a chance to apply the processes outlined in the sessions and discuss their progress as the workshop unfolds. 

Why do I live the same patterns over and over?

How can I improve my relationship with my partner or children?

How can I live the life that I've always dreamed of and find my life's purpose?

What is next for me?

Where do I go from here?

If you have ever asked any of these questions, this workshop will give you the opportunity to answer them.


The Inner Child

To put it simply ... at the foundation of my modality you learn that we need to understand that we are operating on two levels - one from the perspective of the educated, aware adult and the other from the child that was programed to look at the world according to what we saw, felt and heard in the first seven or so years of our lives. That seven year old is frozen in time and constitutes the foundation of your personality.

It is important to realise the influence of that seven year old and its take on this world.

This is in essence why you don't create what you want with ease - because the seven year old and the adult are often at odds with each other and thus the energy you are emitting, and the power of intent, are not in unison.

You will be in somewhat of an uphill battle until you clearly identify these opposing views.

My knowledge and 35 years of experience will help you to identify and decode the auto pilot program.

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