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Inner Child Healing Workshop

Join me for a 4 Week Intensive Workshop Series

(Two Options - Weekday Sessions or Weekend Sessions)

Four x 2 hour Zoom sessions

Limit of 10 participants in each option

Inner Child Healing -
Two Participant's Perspectives

In these intimate workshops spanning four x 2 hour Zoom sessions and limited to 10 participants, we will explore the influences that the inner child is having upon your life. And as it is sometimes difficult to see ourselves there will be immense benefits gained from talking about our processes and experiences within the sacred space shared by the group.

More likely than not, as adults we are living within a 'rut' of perception, a well-worn path,  not realizing that we are filtering our life and our experiences through the eyes of our inner child.


We are conditioned to respond to things within our lives from that wounded perspective. And from my experience this is the reason why we have difficulty creating change or creating what we desire in our lives.

And because that rut is so well worn it is all too easy to fall back into it and continue on as usual. This Workshop series will give attendees a chance to apply the processes outlined in the Zoom calls and discuss their progress as the sessions unfold. 

Why do I live the same patterns over and over?

How can I improve my relationship with my partner or children?

How can I live the life that I've always dreamed of and find my life's purpose?

Each participant will get one-on-one guidance and receive individualized light language transmissions to assist with the healing and clearing of these old patterns.

"I have been on a long journey of healing as most of humanity has.  It was a gift to align with Jo Gifford on my path of healing.  I've been a part of her group sessions as well as a one/one session.  All interactions were very deep and helpful.  Jo's ability to channel light language during our sessions provided an uplevel of healing as it's able to help us remove heavy dense energy patterns associated with our trauma as a child.  Jo's meditative guidance walking us through a scenario of childhood trauma and helping to release from that 'timeframe' as a young child is truly effective.  I am grateful for her wisdom and knowledge of healing our inner child grief, trauma, sadness.  Thank you Jo for your caring and nurturing guidance and providing us with the tools to interact with our inner child anytime a trigger may arise.  It gives us self-empowerment to continue our journey of healing with more ease.


Thank you Jo!  I am very appreciative of your time and attention helping me cope with so much."


Inner Child Healing

To put it simply......  at the foundation of my modality you learn that we need to understand that we are operating on two levels - one from the perspective of the educated, aware adult and the other from the inner child that was programed to look at the world according to what we saw, felt and heard in the first seven or so years of our lives. That seven year old is frozen in time and constitutes the foundation of your personality.

It is important to realise the influence of that seven year old and its take on this world.

This is in essence why you don't create what you want with ease - because the seven year old and the adult are often at odds with each other and thus the energy you are emitting,

and the power of intent, are not in unison.

You will be in somewhat of an uphill battle until you

clearly identify these opposing views.

My knowledge and experience helps reveal you to yourself to begin the harmonisation within.

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