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About the Love Alchemy Course

About the Love Alchemy Course

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I am working through the Love Alchemy course and am so grateful. This has revealed another layer of understanding for me. I got stuck on Class 2 and had to listen several times. Somehow I was resisting, but when it finally came through it was so clear. The story of the man addicted to substances seemed so irrelevant to my life; his statements of a good childhood. Then I did the exercises in the workbook on my parents. I could not believe what I had been hiding from myself. Months ago you asked about a mother figure and I simply could not think I had any issue with my mom. She was just wonderful in my mind.

This course is so perfectly ordered and the light language interwoven consistently and beautifully that I had a major breakthrough. Then the Bottom Line exercise followed in Class 3 so beautifully for a perfectly orchestrated connection between this inner child message I have been holding onto my entire life and how it intimately and exactly has been woven into every relationship. I wish I was eloquent and efficient with my words to describe how beautifully sequenced this course is as to be highly effective. This investigation, as you state, is really helpful when you really get into it and follow the steps as you outline.


This is an ongoing process, as you stated, and I am so grateful to have found such an amazing guide through this process. Your work is really amazing Jo.


I am sure I will have more thoughts as I continue through, but I am overwhelmed with gratitude at this moment and wanted to share. Much love.

— Susan, US

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