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Love Alchemy - Navigating Relationships

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Price shown in $AUD. Love Alchemy - Navigating Relationships in an Evolving World Relationships in this challenging world are not just about love, companionship and connection. Relationships are integral to the evolutionary journey we are on. If we take the time to observe and navigate them from this perspective they can, and do, assist us to heal and expand into greater and grander versions of ourselves. And as we heal, so do our relationships and..... interestingly, vice versa. This course is designed to help you see your relationships (whether family, love, work or community) from a different perspective, understand the mirroring aspects, and in so doing begin the healing and transforming process within ourselves and within the relationships themselves. The course is comprised of informational/instructional videos, processes and exercises (both video and audio), a Handbook and bonus Work Book '7 Tools for Emotional Healing' as well as Light Language transmissions to give a unique, deeper level of integration.




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