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"I have been on a long journey of healing as most of humanity has. It was a gift to align with Jo Gifford on my path of healing. I've been a part of her group sessions as well as a one/one session. All interactions were very deep and helpful.


Jo's ability to channel light language during our sessions provided an uplevel of healing as it's able to help us remove heavy dense energy patterns associated with our trauma as a child. Jo's meditative guidance walking us through a scenario of childhood trauma and helping to release from that 'timeframe' as a young child is truly effective. I am grateful for her wisdom and knowledge of healing our inner child grief, trauma, sadness. Thank you Jo for your caring and nurturing guidance and providing us with the tools to interact with our inner child anytime a trigger may arise. It gives us self-empowerment to continue our journey of healing with more ease.


Thank you Jo! I am very appreciative of your time and attention helping me cope with so much". - MD - USA

"Thank you for your coaching sessions over past months. It is a space that helped me reflect honestly on the limits within such, as when I was resisting leaving a group that was getting on my nerves because I knew I had joined that group to learn to get along with other women in a group setting. Our session that day helped me realise that I had actually learnt what I needed  from them and it was time to leave. The reflection for a seeker like me was invaluable. Thank you."  - BA - London UK

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