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Jessica (Newtown, NSW)

I received a healing from you the other day in Newtown where you spoke at length about the conflict between the inner child and the adult self. At first, I was pretty skeptical about how relevant it was because over the years I've spoken to lots of people about inner child issues (hasn't everyone...) but after I left I let it all sink in. I've found that you've given me a really great, practical perspective on how to fix this stuck feeling I have. I came to check out your blog and say thank you for the reading. It was the light at the end of a dark tunnel for me. 

Scott (Bathurst, NSW)

Thank you so much for the tarot card reading before Christmas. It was very helpful and insightful.  It helped me past a big block that I had and has led to several more self discoveries. Thanks again.

Simon (London, UK)

Jo is brilliant. I felt very safe and comforted by her, as I have felt a sense of trepidation going into healing sessions before. She really helps you to understand the causes of issues and emotional blocks that stem from childhood. The light language is amazing and you can feel the energetic changes talking place.  Another piece of the jigsaw in the picture of 5D and beyond!

Michelle, (USA)

I have been on a long journey of healing as most of humanity has. It was a gift to align with Jo Gifford on my path of healing. I've been a part of her group sessions as well as a one/one session. All interactions were very deep and helpful. Jo's ability to channel light language during our sessions provided an uplevel of healing as it's able to help us remove heavy dense energy patterns associated with our trauma as a child. Jo's meditative guidance walking us through a scenario of childhood trauma and helping to release from that 'timeframe' as a young child is truly effective. I am grateful for her wisdom and knowledge of healing our inner child grief, trauma, sadness. Thank you Jo for your caring and nurturing guidance and providing us with the tools to interact with our inner child anytime a trigger may arise. It gives us self-empowerment to continue our journey of healing with more ease.


Thank you Jo! I am very appreciative of your time and attention helping me cope with so much.

Louisa (Bathurst, NSW)

Thank you for the profound healing session. It has explained how my attitudes have been blocking my career path progressing and I’m using the remedies that you developed to breakdown the blocks, and things are finally turning around. Thank you. 

Florence (Balmain, NSW)

I had a reading with Jo 2 years ago when I was afraid I would spoil my ‘thousandnth’ chance of a long-lasting relationship. Not just am I still in that relationship, the session helped me to break a deep pattern in my view of love partnerships, I am happy and fearless using the insight Jo brought to the surface to my collection of pieces of knowledge. Always grateful. Love and light.

Shelley (Melbourne, VIC)

I have seen Jo for many years and I always release something that I have stored for a while. Jo manages to get to the root of it and I come away every time feeling clearer and lighter. You get a reading, practical advice and go through a technique that helps you to just let go of whatever is holding you back.

Gina (Sydney, NSW)

After receiving both a tarot card reading and spiritual healing from Jo I felt an enormous energy shift that altered my physical body and my outlook. It’s difficult to describe the combined feeling of lightness and focus the kept moving through me for several days as I adjusted to the internal changes. The card reading was precise, inspiring and motivating, whilst the spiritual healing shifted the blocks to allow me to move forward with ease. Jo is a true spiritual master. I’d highly recommend these experiences to anyone who is ready for life changing motion! The world needs more enlightened souls. 

Nilesh (Balmain, NSW)

While I write this I feel calm and relaxed due to the session with you. Sometimes you travel everywhere to find a source of guidance and when you find it … it’s a blessing. Thanks for your blessings. 

Eiling (Newtown, NSW)

Thanks so much for the reading. It was enjoyable and I left with so much more than expected. Your honesty and generosity were very much appreciated. 

Joseph (New Zealand)

Thanks for the wonderful reading last Saturday. I  can tell you sincerely that you have affected my life and set up a great 2014. 

Saba (Melbourne, VIC)

It was great to meet you yesterday, thank you for the insightful healing. 

Susan (USA)

I am working through the Love Alchemy course and am so grateful. This has revealed another layer of understanding for me. I got stuck on Class 2 and had to listen several times. Somehow I was resisting, but when it finally came through it was so clear. The story of the man addicted to substances seemed so irrelevant to my life; his statements of a good childhood. Then I did the exercises in the workbook on my parents. I could not believe what I had been hiding from myself. Months ago you asked about a mother figure and I simply could not think I had any issue with my mom. She was just wonderful in my mind.

This course is so perfectly ordered and the light language interwoven consistently and beautifully that I had a major breakthrough. Then the Bottom Line exercise followed in Class 3 so beautifully for a perfectly orchestrated connection between this inner child message I have been holding onto my entire life and how it intimately and exactly has been woven into every relationship. I wish I was eloquent and efficient with my words to describe how beautifully sequenced this course is as to be highly effective. This investigation, as you state, is really helpful when you really get into it and follow the steps as you outline.


This is an ongoing process, as you stated, and I am so grateful to have found such an amazing guide through this process. Your work is really amazing Jo.


I am sure I will have more thoughts as I continue through, but I am overwhelmed with gratitude at this moment and wanted to share. Much love.”

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