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The Key to Healing

What we resist persists, what we feel will heal - oft quoted but true, this axiom is central to finding healing of all forms in your world.

We understand that the world is made up of vibration. Everything, including us, emits a frequency and this frequency determines what we magnetise to us. Imagine that ‘hum’ depicted as a wave, a sine wave and that wave is a carrier of information. The thoughts we have, the beliefs we live by - generally absorbed from our life experiences in the first seven years - are set on that wave as are the propensities that are encoded into our DNA. Everyone’s wave is different, as different as our fingerprints.

The most common query I get from my clients is “why can’t I change my life. Why, no matter what I do, can I not get what I want?” In order to help them gain clarity my first task is to help them understand the patterns they are living over and over again in their lives. In other words, identify clearly the content of the hum they are emitting or the components of that frequency wave.

Through a series of questions and answers I help them backtrack over their lives and attempt to link the patterns to moments or decisions, or more aptly, programing, in their early years. There is a level of analysis that must happen at the beginning of this process. Clearly identifying the patterns, and gaining an understanding is often a relief and I’ve seen clients relax greatly at this point, no longer feeling so helpless or at the mercy of something that seems to be coming from outside of them.

The information we absorb in our early years is embedded and becomes the foundation of our personality and this often is the most influential content of the hum. The things we experience and learn are then added to it over the years. We end up operating on essentially two main levels - that foundational aspect - let’s call it the ‘seven year old’ (7YO), and the ‘adult’, who is educated, aware and has a world view. The adult knows what it wants and what it doesn’t want. It has dreams and goals. The 7YO however is reactionary and ‘knee-jerking’ its way through life.

Only one of these states can be in charge at one time. We see-saw back and forth between them. The adult has a dream or a goal but if the 7YO doesn’t believe it then we end up being at odds with ourselves. The 7YO is the source of doubt, disbelief and sabotage and is often very subtle in its presentation.

To use another analogy, think of an iceberg and how the bulk of it is under the surface of the water. To me this is the 7YO and it is this bulk that primarily influences its movement through the waters of life. The adult is the portion above the surface (also having its own influence) with its view of the wider world.

From my experience you can’t reason with the 7YO and persuade it to change its view. And here’s where the resist/persist, feel/heal process comes into play because once on the road to identification of patterns, my next task is to assist clients towards resolution. Here is one of my simple exercises.

Get quiet and tune into your body. Think of something you want - happiness, a new job, a partner, a home. What is your first reaction to that thought? Where do you feel it in your body. Drop out of your head and enter into the feeling in your body. Let go of analysis and just feel, allow it to expand somewhat and breathe. That feeling is a mixture of emotion and energy and is anchored in the body. The truth is you need to be prepared to not only feel, but also accept and even love what’s going on in your body as this is the beginning of a healing change.

Many people live in their heads or half out of their body, not wanting to feel anything uncomfortable. They attempt to stuff those feelings down, they drug them down, TV them down, work them down, eat them down, gamble them down and even analyse them down.

When we shine the light of awareness and acceptance on what is going on in our body the release and healing can begin. And just like when the sun rises in the morning and burns off the fog to reveal a clear blue sky, when you shine the light of awareness on those feelings anchored in the body - the emotions and energy that comprise them - they will start to release and dissipate just like the fog.

Your hum, your wave, will start to transform as its content transforms and what you magnetise to you will begin to reflect that transformation.


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