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Keanu Reeves

When I commenced study at the RSE I was introduced to the concept that what we thought of as reality was not the be all and end all; that life could be experienced in a much different way. In fact there was much, much more to life than what my five senses could perceive. At the school I was introduced to the concepts of human spiritual evolution and the nature of reality, reincarnation, parallel realities and time as a manifestation of the human condition.

I learned that who we are is not really our physical bodies but rather an ongoing essence that is here on earth wearing a body with a directive from the Source to learn and grow.

An essential part of the school is to experience what we have been taught; for it not to remain just a philosophy. Thus the students are given the opportunity to participate in exercises that allow the knowledge to be experienced as a reality.

One of the things I understood was that I was much more than ‘Joanne’ and that as I evolved I would start to perceive a reality outside of time and begin to know that all things (and all lives) exist in the Now. All my past lives and future lives and parallel lives are happening now and that ‘somewhere, sometime’ I was a another being that was truly aware and living a much different existence.

About two years into my schooling Keanu Reeves became the catalyst for one of the most profound experiences I’ve ever had. It showed me that the Source can communicate in the most unexpected of ways and that I needed to be open to obtaining inspiration from unforeseen sources.

Prior to attending a seminar at RSE, I and a group of friends had watched a goofy movie called Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure, staring among others Keanu Reeves, the most unlikely source for spiritual inspiration that you could imagine (the movie, not Keanu!). In this movie Bill and Ted are visited by a man from the future who knows that if they don’t pass their upcoming history assignment then the future will be adversely affected.

He gives them a time machine that allows them to complete their assignment in a most unusual way. Throughout the movie whenever someone or something blocks their path they remind each other to come back in the time machine and remove the obstacle or help themselves to continue and sure enough, at that exact time, just after they utter the words, the obstacle is removed!

One lunch time during the seminar I was walking and talking with three friends. I was having a tough time at the event getting beyond my physical body. I remembered the movie and blithely said that somewhere, sometime I had broken through the physical limitations of this reality, that I had evolved to a different level of existence and that as that entity I was the master of time, distance and space - so I was going to come back and help myself in this ‘now’.

At that very moment we all felt a tingling and the hair on the back of our necks stood up. A pink and sparkling gold mist appeared in front of us in the shape of a ball two feet in diameter. The four of us could see it and feel it. It was the future me, and ‘I’ had decided to show myself that I indeed was being helped. It stayed visible for about 10 seconds and then disappeared and we all started jumping and screaming. This phenomenon, I went on to find out, is referred to as an ‘orb’.

I have no doubt now that we evolve. I have no doubt now about the truth of who I am and that there is much more to reality than my senses can perceive. That movie opened a door in my mind to possibilities that I had never contemplated. I now look for inspiration and guidance from all that happens in my life and know that I am watching over me.

And, after all these years, I still have rather a soft spot for Keanu, too!


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