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Hacking the Matrix

Car in the Matrix

Now. I am not a scientist so this will be a lay person’s interpretation…

Quantum Mechanics says that we as the observer are continually having an effect on the reality that unfolds in front of us. In short, how we act (or react) in any one moment determines which wave of essentially infinite potentials collapses into our particle of reality.

Let’s use as an example where you are driving to the airport. Imagine a spectrum of experiences represented by a line. At one end of the line you have the most ideal trip to the airport - you don’t have fight the traffic, you arrive on time, are able get either a great parking spot (or are able to pull up to the kerb right outside the correct departure gate and drop your passenger off). At the other end of the spectrum of potential ‘trips to the airport’, your car won’t start and when it does you soon realise it has a flat tire. You quickly change the tire and zoom off but get caught in traffic and end up missing the flight.

For the sake of this example the two time flows above are at opposite ends of the spectrum. In between these two ends could be numerous other potentials - when the car won’t start you get an Uber and arrive on time, or there’s a car accident on the freeway or the flight is delayed or the flight is cancelled.

I had an experience unfold a number of years ago during a scenario such as I describe above. I was on the way to drop a friend at the airport and we got stuck in traffic and were going to be late. Instead of reacting in a usual way - with annoyance - I surrendered and didn’t define the situation as either good or bad. I let go. The energy I emitted at the moment was one of peace. So the next moment that unfolded was also one of peace and literally, at that very moment, I came to a point on the freeway where a HOV lane (as they are named in the USA) or a multiple occupant Transit lane (as they are named in Australia) commenced right next to the lane I was in. I moved into that lane and zoomed past the line of crawling cars in the other lanes and got to the airport with plenty of time to spare.

My understanding is that if I had reacted with frustration and annoyance the lane would never have appeared in my reality, as the unfolding moment would have been a match for the annoyance I was emitting. And actually, this collapsing of potentials is happening all throughout our day.

It’s an interesting concept to contemplate…..


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