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Search can't stand Donald Trump?

You either love him or hate him, but from my perspective - a human evolutionary perspective - there is something great to be learned from him.

Why are we on this planet? In short (and this is a much bigger topic for discussion), we are here to learn and grow, to understand ourselves and others and to find forgiveness, compassion, allowance and love for both. This journey moves us ultimately to a place where ‘out there’ doesn’t define us or control us - it's a place where we determine our state of being.

[During this time of COVID many of us have been unwillingly (or willingly!) forced into a kind of Retreat. A place where, away from the busyness and distraction of life, we are getting to know our internal mental and spiritual state, perhaps for the first time.]

When working with my clients I discuss with them the issues that come up in their lives and in particular, their interactions with the people in their lives that are challenging and trigger an emotional reaction - a type of conditioned response.

It is my belief they are there (and being the way they are) because on some level you asked and needed them to in order to help reveal to you your unresolved issues. So this explains on one level why we reincarnate. We move, over a series of lifetimes, from kindergarten up through the grades incorporating the various lessons and areas of knowledge.

So here we are in a time of great change on this planet experiencing things we’ve never experienced before (check out the Schumann Resonance as a planetary example). And here comes Donald Trump.

In discussing various people’s reactions to him, he is triggering a number of things. I am going to simplify this, or bottom line what’s happening just like I do with my clients and the challenging people in their lives.

As President he is the ‘father’ of the nation, if you like. And dad seems to be unpredictable, irrational. This on a deep level makes you feel unsafe. Your emotion or feeling that is triggered is around not feeling safe. “I don’t feel safe.”

As President he also has ultimate control over the nation so when reading news articles about him you also believe him to be unpredictable and irrational. This makes you feel controlled by another you don’t trust, or, feel out of control. “I have no control over my life.”

These are just two emotional responses, similar to emotional responses to many different things in your life.

To work out the energetic dynamic in this situation for you, write down what you think he is doing or not doing and then next to it write down the emotional response you have to that thought. It could be fear, anger, distrust etc.

So what do you do with this? It’s important to use this moment of being triggered. Sit quietly, breathe into the feeling, let go of who (or what) is triggering you. Take the stance that this is a moment of learning and a moment of reintegrating the energy that has been stuck in a loop of “I don’t feel safe” or “I have no control”. Breathe through the feelings and emotions from the place of the observer.

This will start the shifting and transmutation of that energy dynamic that is a part of your total energetic signature. It will morph the energy you are emitting and have an influence on what you are magnetizing to you via the law of attraction.

The truth is that if you are triggered by Donald Trump it’s probably not the first time you’ve been triggered to feel what it is that you are feeling.

He is, on one level, just a larger-than-life opportunity appearing in your reality forcing you to feel emotions that have, for most of your life, existed in your peripheral awareness (yet having a very real effect on how your life unfolds).

As I say to my clients, from a spiritual perspective it’s never about the other person. In fact, you need to be AS interested in your reaction to what’s happening as you are in what IS happening. Don’t waste this opportunity for growth.


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