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The Genius of Child's Play

Children Playing on Sofa

As I mentioned in my previous post, we all put out a frequency - we hum - as do all beings and objects in existence and each hum is as unique as a signature.

My first experience of this was when I participated in a process called Gestalt Dream Therapy. The facilitator, June, got me to choose a dream that I had recently had that was particularly vivid and powerful. I closed my eyes and described the dream to her. As I spoke June noted which elements of the dream had the most energy surrounding them. We came up with four elements - in this case, a soft jumper, a hand, a matrix-like grid that was limitless in size and an English Double Decker bus!

According to this therapy each element of the dream represents an aspect of you and the deeper part of you utilises your vocabulary when putting it together.

June then asked me to 'become' each element that we had chosen and to speak as them and to ask what each element had to teach me. This was very early on in my journey and it was incredibly fascinating how I felt different and even spoke differently as each element. The bus was very light-hearted and funny, the hand was secure and reliable and the jumper was loving and comforting. But the grid was on another level altogether. It had very little to say and took quite a while to say it. I knew it was ageless and limitless and it wasn't until many years later that I realized it was an ancient aspect of me formed very close to Point Zero, the Source.

This process showed me how, even within a dream, each thing has its own frequency and that it is possible for a time to 'become' another frequency in order to know what it knows. It is almost like putting on a cloak that covers your body, feeling its vibe and walking as it. Children do this all the time when they become their favourite super hero.

When two frequencies come within each other's space, entrainment takes place and often the lower frequency will begin to rise to the higher one. Nature for example has a higher, more pure frequency than humanity so to focus on a tree is a powerful process. Nature lives in the now. The tree doesn't think of the past or future - it is deeply anchored in the now and thus totally at one with the Source. The fears and concerns humans live with every day tend to keep us in a heavier slower frequency and disconnected from the Source.

So contemplating a tree, feeling it, wrapping its vibe around you like a cloak and embracing the feeling of it will give you an insight into its wisdom. It will also have a positive effect on your frequency and draw you into a similar place of knowing. So, what, or who else could you 'become'?

Buddha... the midnight sky... Jesus...Einstein.... a star....Beethoven....The Source?


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