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Experience the positive effects of an affirmation soundtrack interspersed with light language and backed by a 432 Hz music track. The 13 minute affirmations set is repeated three times, which, along with the channeled light language, helps the concepts be absorbed on deeper and deeper levels.




Affirmations - 36 min. (sequence repeated 3 times followed by light language)


I am a powerful creative being.
I am enough.
I am aligned with my highest timeline.
I am aligned with my golden timeline.
I am powerful beyond measure.
I am aligned with my highest potential.

I trust myself.

I am radiantly healthy in mind and body.
I live in peace and tranquility.
My whole being is filled with light, love and happiness.
I remember who I am.
I love, honor, accept and respect myself exactly as I am.
I am confident and comfortable in my own skin.
My past is complete, I am forgiven and born anew.
I am at peace with myself and my world.
I am the creator of my world.
I know that who I am is beautiful and wonderful.
I am glowing inside and out and I’m healthy and happy.
I trust my body's innate intelligence.
I am love.
I am that which I am.
I am confident I have what it takes.
I am supported by the divine.
I am resilient, resourceful and strong.
I am beautiful inside and out.
The love of the divine flows in, through, around and embraces me.
I am grateful for my miraculous body.
My body is transformed by love and acceptance.
I am open-minded and easy-going.
I am compassion.
I am filled with the glory of the divine in all times and in all futures.
I know and trust my inner voice.
I know and trust my inner guidance.
I follow my heart in all things.
I am surrendered and open to new opportunities.
I am inner peace.
I am worthy of respect.
I am worthy of love.
I am blessed with many inner resources and trust in my deeper I AM.

Affirmations with Light Language 36 min


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