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Experience the positive effects of an affirmation soundtrack interspersed with light language and backed by a 432 Hz music track. The 20 minute affirmations set is repeated three times, which, along with the channeled light language, helps the concepts be absorbed on deeper and deeper levels.




Starseed Affirmations - 58 min. (sequence repeated 3x followed by light language and each set repeated 4x)


I remember who I am.

I remember my mission.

My path is clear.

I am one with all there is.

I am an aspect of the divine.

I am on my most optimal timeline.

I know my purpose.

I am at peace with my purpose.

I am in the flow.

I surrender and let go.

I am one with my deeper mind.

I am one with my inter-dimensional aspects.

I am connected with all that I am.

I am a fully developed psychic.

My gifts are coming online.

I know.

I am clairaudient.

I am clairvoyant.

I am clairsentient.

I am claircognizant.

I heal with a thought.

I heal with a touch.

I am intuitive and able to tap into the energies.

I set healthy boundaries for myself.

I am guided from within.

I easily recognize and release old paradigms to allow for new realities to emerge.




Starseed Affirmations - 58 min


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