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Experience the positive effects of an affirmation soundtrack interspersed with light language and backed by a 432 Hz music track. The 20 minute affirmations set is repeated three times, which, along with the channeled light language, helps the concepts be absorbed on deeper and deeper levels.




Affirmations - 60 min. (each repeated 3x followed by light language )


I am aligned with my highest potential.

I am a powerful, creative being.

I am enough.

I trust myself.

I am radiantly healthy in mind and body.

Life is full of love and find it wherever I go.

I awaken each day feeling refreshed and renewed.

I move my body with joy and gratitude.

I am blessed with many inner resources and trust in my deeper I AM.

I am worth of respect.

I deserve love and happiness.

My body is healthy and my mind is at peace.

I enjoy loving and respectful relationships.

I let go and am at peace.

I am loved and supported by the Universe.

I am love and I am light. All is well.

I am worthy of love.

I believe in myself.

My power is unlimited.

My life is full of magic and synchronicity.

I am love.

I am happy, healthy and whole.

I radiate positive energy and good health.

Every cell of my body is filled with positivity, happiness and love.

My life is evolving beautifully.

My body has the power and ability to heal itself.

I am an infinite and abundant expression of love.

I attract and radiate peace, joy and tranquility.

All that I desire comes to me with the greatest of ease.

My past is complete. I am forgiven and born anew.

I am glowing inside and out and am happy and healthy.

I am supported by the Divine.

I am grateful for my miraculous body.

I am calm and go with the flow.

Affirmations with Light Language 60 min


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